30M U.S. Broadband Households Can't Stream Video at HD Quality

Just because a customer has broadband doesn’t mean they can subscribe to your streaming video service. In fact, more than 30 million households in the U.S can’t. Only extending the CDN into the home can solve this problem.

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Reduce The Peak Load Created By Streaming Video On Your Network

Streaming video isn’t real time. It doesn’t have to cross your network when its busiest. Extending the CDN into the home reduces peak network load by time shifting streaming video.

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A Great CDN Doesn't Help You Fix the Last Mile

Traditional content delivery networks (CDNs) get you close to the end customer but this isn’t enough when the customer has bandwidth or usage limited Internet. An on-premises CDN extends the CDN into the home and enables millions of end users to access high quality video streaming services.

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Extend The Content Delivery Network (CDN) Into the Home

Traditional CDNs bring content closer to the end user which reduces network cost and can improve quality for those users who have capable last mile connections. The problem is that this approach doesn’t help the millions of users who have broadband connections incapable of delivering high quality video.

By extending the CDN into the home, content providers can ensure that their customers get the best video experience no matter how good or bad their last mile connection is. This approach also has the nice side effect for service providers of reducing the peak load placed on the network which reduces cost and improves video quality.

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Enable Bandwidth Limited Customers

Globally there are more than 200 million households who’s broadband connection cannot deliver HD quality streaming in real time. Over 30 million of these are in the U.S.

Enable Usage Limited Customers

Millions of households have sufficient bandwidth but a low monthly usage limit that blocks them from streaming video. Two million of these households are in the U.S. on satellite based Internet where the typical monthly usage limit is 15-20GB/month.

Improve Quality

Even good Internet connections can experience video quality problems due to a shared medium (eg cable) or congested upstream links. No customer likes to see the dreaded buffering message or watch their favorite show at reduced quality.

Reduce Cost

Customers want to watch their favorite TV shows and movies during the evening. This creates a peak in demand that drives up the network cost beyond what is truly necessary.

Extending the content delivery network (CDN) into the home solves all of these problems

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