Is Streaming Media Causing You Pain?

What are you doing to keep your subscribers happy and reduce the impact of streaming media to your network?

Reduce Network Cost

Network cost is driven by peak usage. NightShift moves streaming media from peak to off-peak saving you money.

Increase ARPU

NightShift can be offered to your subscribers as a managed service. Give them an option to make their streaming media better.

Attract New Customers

Do you have trouble competing for customers who value streaming media? NightShift gives you a way to offer competitive streaming media service.

Decrease Churn

Few things irratate a customer like the dreaded ‘buffering’ symbol. NightShift provides high quality Netflix streaming even if your network is busy.

Reduce Network Cost

Your network cost is driven by usage during the peak hours and Netflix is more than 35% of peak traffic. Usage during off-peak time adds no marginal cost. Wouldn’t it be great if you could shift traffic from peak to off-peak?

NightShift moves heavy Netflix traffic to off-peak hours. This reduces the load on the network, saves you money and creates a better experience for users of all applications. At the same time, customers who use NightShift get a higher quality Netflix experience.

Increase ARPU

Netflix has become a valued, perhaps even the most valued application to your customers. Take advantage of this by offering them a service which makes their experience even better. Who wouldn’t want to be confident that the next movie they watch on their big screen will be at crystal clear super-HD?

NightShift can be offered as a standalone service or as an add-on to your managed home router service. Your customers get high quality video and you save on network cost.

Attract New Customers

Service plans with limited bandwidth or usage preclude the use of Netflix. This makes these services much less attractive to current and potential customers.

NightShift solves this problem by providing your customers a high quality Netflix experience even if you cannot offer service plans with high bandwidth or high usage limits.

Reduce Churn

Streaming media quality is a critical factor in how customers view your service. If they see low quality video or the dreaded ‘buffering’ message they will perceive your service negatively and are more likely to look for another provider.

NightShift provides your subscribers with high quality streaming content even when the network is busy while at the same time lessening the load on the network. This increases the QoE for all subscribers. Happy customers means lower churn.